Wild Game Processing

2016 Processing Fees

Deer and Wild Hogs

PLEASE READ: At the time of drop off, fill out card with instructions on processing. Fill out a tag with your name and date of harvest, hang on game. Remove legs below leg joints and hang in walk-in cooler. Customers must pick up product no later than 5 days after first call. After 5 days an extra charge of $2.00/day will occur. After 15 days I will donate your product to a charity, no exceptions. Not responsible for coolers left on premises.


_______Gutting @$20.00
_______Skinning @$20.00
_______Cape for mounting @$25.00

SAUSAGE :                                                              Quantity Price/Lb
_______Ground                                                   _______lbs x $1.75
_______Fresh Link                                              _______lbs x $2.25
_______Smoked Link                                          _______lbs x $2.75
__X___ 20% Pork Fat                                          _______lbs x $2.00

_______Ground                                                  _______lbs x $1.50
___X__ 10% Beef Fat                                          _______lbs x $3.00

_______Cubed Steak                                        _______lbs x $1.85
_______Strap & Tenderloin                                _______lbs x $1.25

_______ Summer Sausage                             _______lbs x $10.00 (min 5lb)



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