Alligator Hunts



We are Currently booking hunts for the 2019 season which starts at 5:00 pm, August 15th,  through 10:00 am, November 1st.  These hunts will take place in North Florida on public waters.  Public water hunts are 100% fair chase. 

The hunts offered are for any size alligator with NO additional trophy fee.  All equipment needed to safely harvest your alligator is included.  The fee for a one (1) night hunt is only $1,500.00 for one (1) alligator.  Non-hunting guests are allowed on some hunts (depending on space available) at an additional fee of $100.00 per person.  An additional alligator may be harvested (based on permit availability) for $1,000.00.  Any person hunting is required to have an alligator trapping agent license, which are available on-line at  Currently the cost is $52.00.

If you have your own alligator trapping permit and are looking to book a hunt, the guide fee for a one (1) night alligator hunt for one (1 )person is $750.00, additional person(s) at $100.00 each (depending on space availability).   All other guests participating in the hunt are required to have an alligator trapping agent license.

Prices are  for Florida tags and within 25 miles of Tallahassee, Florida.

We can arrange for processing of your alligator in our licensed and inspected processing facility located in eastern Leon County in Tallahassee, Florida.  Your alligator will be skinned, fleshed, salted and ready for sale or the tannery.  The meat will be de-fatted, cubed and frozen in five (5) lb. boxes.